Yesterday was the WORST DAY EVER!!!

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was the worst day I had, together with my dad´s death!!!

My beloved Chinchilla Spike , born on 03.06.05, is death!!

We had to lull him , because he couldn't sense his hind legs!!

I have two pic´s from him, so that you can see him , when he was barely a year old and when he was 3 years old!!

Spike ( barely one year old)

and now Spike 3 years old!!! On these pics he lays on my chest, but he was still ALIVE!!!

Not showing emotions = bad???!!!

hello everyone,

my sister (not reijamira) said to me today that I have no emotions.

Now i´m thinking that this is bad, but what can i do, not many emotions shown is my personality!!

I can´t change myself overnight!!

What do you think, I don't know what I can do so that she doesn't say that anymore about me.

Lovely Greets


New World... LiveJournal

Hey guys!!

I´m new here!!
I heard lots of good things about Live Journal and I was thinking Why not try out Live Journal??!!

My english is not perfect!! I can understand a lot but I'm not good in writing!! I hope you don´t take it too seriously!!!

Love Greets